You have to start somewhere…

You have to start somewhere…

07 November 2014,   By ,   0 Comments

I had a new client ask me about how long I’ve been doing what I do. Here is the simple answer:

1. Started recording when I was 11 y.o.

2. Did live sound for neighbor’s band. Attended a session in a basement with them

3. Owned a bass, attempted to play in a band

4. Had a DJ company with a friend

5. Moved to NYC, went to a useless ‘recording school’ in the Village. Waste of time. Got a studio job while I was still in school

6. Started working in studios. First session was 24 hours long. Basically 100 hours a week for 10 years. Hit my 10,000 hours in ’91. And then finally knew what I was doing. Guess that makes me an expert…haha

7. First production credit on a project we recorded to 4 trk cassette. Artist got a 3 album deal on BMG…with the hissy cassette master! One of the best lessons that ever happened to me

8. And we’re still rolling to the present day

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