50% deposit is required to book a session.

Billing time begins at the exact time booked regardless of arrival time.

At the conclusion of each session, client shall pay with cash, check, money order or credit card. If paying by credit card, client may do so by PayPal to robert@defyrecordings.com.

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24 hour cancellation notice is required. No-shows and late cancellations (less than 24 hours) forfeit deposit. Bookings of 3 or more days in a week must provide notice of cancellation at least one week in advance or forfeit deposit.

» Payment scale for flat rate projects are as follows:

1/3 payment due upon project commencement.

1/3 payment due at halfway point (generally after tracking or before mixing).

1/3 payment upon delivery of masters, after sign-off by client.

» Album and/or Track production projects terms:

Defy Recordings LLC is hired to provide full music production services. This may include the hiring of musicians, arrangers, programmers, technicians, studios and whatever additional personnel is needed, as agreed upon with client before project commencement. An ‘album’ or ‘per track’ budget is provided by the client, to be used at the discretion of Defy Recordings LLC, to facilitate the most efficient method to achieving the client’s project goals. In addition to budgetary requirements, an estimated schedule/timetable will be agreed upon, in advance, to complete the project. If this timetable proves to be unrealistic for reasons other than the services provided by Defy Recordings LLC, we reserve the right to adhere to the payment schedule as per the original agreement.

Client assumes all risks in regards to storing client’s equipment or belongings of any kind, including sound recordings on the premises of Defy Recordings LLC, and shall hold Defy Recordings LLC harmless from any and all damage that may be incurred to said articles for any reason whatsoever.

Clients shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any studio property by client, employees of client or associates of client as a result of misuse, negligence and/or carelessness.