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What’s new about it? Nearly everything.

So much has changed in the way people consume and produce music. There really are no rules anymore, yet there is still value in using proven practices and skills to make your music, film score or game soundtrack as amazing as it can be.

Its incredible what one can do with a laptop and a command of their preferred software.

For every plugin update, there is also a desire to know, “How did they get that sound on ___________”.

We want this site to be the bridge between the software and those sounds you seek. To answer your questions, and provide the guidance and expertise to help you with your project.

Take a look at the FAQ page. It covers many sides of the creative process that you may find helpful.

We’re excited about the brand new Shop page. You can easily purchase professional services, from start to finish for your music. If you’re midway through your project, check out the Free Listen button.

This can be that ‘second opinion’ that’s helpful when ‘you just can’t tell anymore’.

Great Music. Period.

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